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Welcome to the unofficial Vancer Gretxa Gaming Mouse website! This simple site is designed to bring together all of the various peices of information and updates required to get the most out of your mouse. Here you'll find the latest firmware and software updates, along with guides to walk you through the download and update process. You'll also find a list of international and national stores that stock the Gretxa.



Re-pair mouse with dongle/receiver

There may be times you have to re-pair the mouse to the receiver for the wireless function to reconnect. This sometimes happens after a firmware update.
To re-pair, simply:

* Turn the wireless mouse switch to ON
* Hold down M1, M2 and Scroll wheel click for several seconds
* The mouse will begin to flash yellow once it is in pairing mode
* Move the receiver as close to the mouse as possible
* The mouse will flash blue once pairing has been established
* If that does not work, with the mouse still flashing yellow, unplug the receiver and re-plug it

Firmware update

The Gretxa receives firmware updates as required. Sometimes these updates add new features, change existing features or fix known bugs. To update, simply:

* Turn the wireless switch to OFF
* Connect the mouse to your PC using the USB-C cable * Double-click the update file
* The software will automatically detect the mouse and run the update
* Do not worry if it shows code "0000"
* Once the update is finished disconnect the cable
* Turn the wireless switch to ON
* Verify the mouse pointer moves with the mouse
* If not, follow the guide that shows how to re-pair the mouse to the USB dongle/receiver


I applied an update but the mouse doesn't work

Firstly ensure that you have followed the guides above in the correct order. If you have appled a receiver update then you will also need to apply the mouse firmware update (if they were both provided at the same time).
Secondly, follow the guide that shows how to re-pair the mouse with the USB dongle/receiver, as often they can fall out of sync during the update process.
Third, run through the update(s) again, following the guide step-by-step. There have been occasions where users have reported that only an update did not fully apply and the issue was resolved by simply updating the device again.

Finally, if you believe your mouse or dongle to be defective you should contact the retailer/shop that you directly purchased it from.